Business Matchmaking

Opportunity to actively promote your business

The Business Matchmaking Programme is an initiative run by Global Expo Botswana to manage and create targeted one-on-one meetings between Exhibitors and Visitors in order to avail an opportunity to discuss business prospects.

What is your merit to register as a visitor on the web?

  • You can browse all exhibitors’ information.
  • Each exhibitor has own meeting timetable. If you find exhibitors with whom you would like to talk business, you can make reservations to meet with them.
  • You don’t need another registration process when you visit the venue of Global Expo Botswana. Shorten waiting time to enter the venue.
  • Your company’s information is published on “Visitor’s List” page. It is a chance to notify other visitors about your products and services. (*If you don’t want to be published your information on the web, you can choose to withhold it by setting.)